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These are unprecedented times.
We are surrounded by uncertainty and fear. Many are feeling powerless ... Does this apply to you? DO YOU KNOW HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE?
I Do .....

Image by Cytonn Photography

Career Coaching

Are you stuck in a career rut? Is it your career or is it your mindset? My coaching is designed to enable you to shift your mindset and open up a whole new world of opportunity and set you up for a lifetime of success.


Relationship Coaching

Relationships can be challenging at the best of times. Are you playing the “he said, she said” game? Does it feel as though you are simply spinning your wheels? My relationship coaching will enable the power within you and therefore open you up to a whole new confident you. With this newfound confidence your relationship will rise to a whole new level.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Life Coaching

My full design life coaching and mentoring is specifically designed to cast aside the limited thinking that is holding you back so that you can fully embrace this POWER within you and in doing so set you up for a lifetime of success. I am also offering a free copy of my book " The universe isn't out to get you " as a sign up gift to you.

Career Coaching Individual Session - $133 CAD

Career Coaching 3 Months - $1099 CAD

Career Coaching 6 Months - $1999 CAD

Life Coaching Individual Session - $133 CAD

Life Coaching 3 Months - $1099 CAD

Life Coaching 6 Months - $1999 CAD

Relationship Coaching Individual Session - $133 CAD

Relationship Coaching 3 Months - $1099 CAD

Relationship Coaching 6 Months - $1999 CAD

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