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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

"If I were ever in a position to become a lobbyist (not that I would ) but... let's just for the sake of argument say I were in this position... abolishment of rotating shift work would be my primary objective.

Rotating shifts is something I did when I wore a younger man's clothes. Midnight's, Afternoons, Days... It is called MAD for a reason .

Trying to function on 3 to 4 hours sleep a night, a day, or whenever I managed to get my head down was one of the trickier paths I have had to navigate.

Physically draining, mentally disruptive and emotionally devastating.

Shift work was a factor in my depression back in the day.

That all being said and whether you work shifts or not... Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep is one of the mechanics we have to take care of.

Without sleep your spiritual expansion will be severely hindered.

How can we aid in a better nights sleep?

Get to bed at a reasonable time to ensure a good sleep, period.

Turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed .

Cut out the caffeine.

Chamomile tea before bed can do wonders.

And finally ensure that your room is as dark as possible, this promotes melatonin production which is crucial for a restful nights' sleep.

Are you getting enough sleep?

A valid question that beckons an equally valid answer.



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