A Short Story..

"Before I begin I should point out that 4 is my number. Double 4s, triple 4s. I see them everywhere. I should further point out that the Heron is my guide.

It seems to pop up when I need a talking to or a decision is required... You know of what i speak......


This morning i was filling up at the gas station.

Not far from where I was stood a Canada goose calling out to the family across the road. As they honked back and forth I could see that the mature goose was going to cross the road. It began to edge out into the street and as it did I could hear a vehicle approaching...

It was not slowing down. A bad feeling welled up inside me.

The black truck emerged and yes.... it did not slow down.

It clipped the goose! Feathers everywhere !!!!!

I am a man who is not easily triggered, in fact I am probably one of the most patient people I know. However, I was instantly triggered at this wanton act!

I shall not repeat the expletive that flew out of my mouth!

At this point I should mention that the goose appeared to be OK , it made it across the road seemingly not too worse for wear.

But... I was still naturally upset at what I had seen.

But then i was given a talking to .

The gas pump stopped as the tank was full.

$44 on the money and as my eyes were then drawn skywards I saw in wonder not one heron but 3 herons flying overhead!!!

Calm instantly fell over me and all was right in the world once more.

Love when this stuff happens.

Love and light ... Gerard

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